Why I decided to do blogging?

So it was 8 months ago since I created this BLOG (and yes as it was written that I started  april 6.. and also yes I just edited this post) with the thought that maybe I will be able to do something interesting in a new country which will be my temporary home for a couple of years or so. But as expected to a 21 years old who wants-to-do-everything-all-at-once girl I never started anything.

Then here I am sitting at my work trying to internalize everything that happened during these past months and all I can say is that “WHY I DID NOT DOCUMENTED EVERYTHING?”

Past is past though. The most important thing is what I will be doing for the next days of my life! *insert crying face here* I PROMISE that I will be diligent enough to make this blog a nice way to bring adventures, and also food, to you while just sitting down and scrolling your phone or sitting down in front of your monitor. JOIN ME!

Why I decided to do blogging?

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