New Year’s Eve with Coldplay!

Going to a concert has always been on my bucket list since I was in college. I’ve always dreamed of going to a concert and join in the singing until I can’t hear any of my voice anymore. I imagined myself standing with the crowd and jump with them if they do, or raise my hand if I feel like it.

I always admire them. The artists, I mean. Why? because I always feel how they enjoy what they are doing. Doing their passion, doing what they love and at the same time inspiring others to do the same thing. *melodramatic song starts to play*

Before this blog post turns into something far from what the topic is supposed to be, let me start telling you the story of our journey on the 365th day of 2016. If you’re not interested you’re free to skip reading this blog.


A month and a half before the concert, an announcement was made that there will be an upcoming concert of coldplay that will be held on New Year’s eve in Abu Dhabi. I was really excited as soon as I heard the news and so was my colleagues who is coincidentally an avid fan of the band. We started telling each other that it’s a must to see this concert. We’ve waited until they started releasing the concert tickets. My friends bought the tickets and they included mine. Thank Goodness!

But even though we already had our tickets, there was still no assurance that we can go because we don’t have holiday at work. In short, we tried our very best to make our day free during new year’s eve. And it was successful. Well not that much.

On the 31st of December, I still had to go to work from 08:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Open gate will be at 6:00. I even had to ride a carlift to reach earlier for a better spot. One of my friends, Rowie, was off this day so it was an opportunity to be at front line.

We arrived at the venue at 6:30 still gates closed but they are starting to get ready to open. THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE, as expected though. It was my first time to see a concert, meaning it’s my first time to fall in line with such a huge crowd but they’re awesome. Some were already singing coldplay songs. Some were having fun at the line with their friends. Some were having a hard time searching for their group. It was funny. A little bit exhausting but fun.

General admission tickets were the cheapest ticket sold for the concert. But even though, you can still find a perfect spot in front of the stage if you’re a fast runner.



YAS DU ARENA — It wasn’t the concert venue like what I expected it would be. It is an open football field. Meaning, it is a big flat surface then they just put a stage at the end of it. Unlike any other concert venues, or maybe the one in the Philippines (Araneta), the audience will be elevated so you can see the stage clearly even though you’re at the back. Here if you want to see the stage completely you have to buy the expensive tickets. But it’s fine though. All we want is to see them live and sing with them and just have fun with each other.


It was really an AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL/ FANTASTIC/WONDERFUL concert! I don’t know what word should I use to describe the feeling. There is no question on how great the performance of Coldplay is. I was watching the live performances of the band on YouTube and ever since then I already admired their craft.

Aside from the artists itself, the technical team also made their very best to make this concert truly a remarkable one for the audience. From the lightings, VTRs, the Confetti, the big flying balloons, and most especially the XYLOBANDS (my favorite).


Coldplay ended the 2016 with a blast! Countdown to 12:00 and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! FIREWORKS display!

The most important thing about New Year’s Eve is the food that will be served. During this special night, you must be with special people eating the most special food. In my case, I was with my special friends (not mentally retarded one. Trust me, they are 100% free from mind problems haha), eating special foods too!



Since most of us came directly after work, all of us were starving. It’s also not allowed to bring any food and drinks inside so there was no other choice but to buy inside the arena. As expected, it was very costly. We ordered from Burger Studio since it has less line compared to other stalls. 60 AED was paid for only one set of burger sandwich with fries and drinks. The Sandwich was big enough to fill the stomach before the concert starts. It also tastes unexpectedly good!

Since there were a lot of customers, I did not expect that the food will taste nice. I haven’t taken any picture of it because it’s too crowded and we were too busy to keep myself focused on taking a good shot of the food. I ordered beef with mushroom sandwich. As what I have said earlier, it’s big enough to fill the stomach until the rest of the evening at the concert. The cheese was melted nicely and mixed with the mushroom sauce which makes it a lot creamier and tastier. The beef was cut in a way that it will not be hard to bite.

I don’t know that it’s allowed to drink alcoholic beverages inside the arena during the concert. I thought that for the safety of the people being drunk will not be allowed inside. But I was wrong. As soon as we entered the venue they gave us wrist bands. Only those who are of legal age will be given this wrist bands. Why? Because having a chance to wear the wrist bands will be given a chance to have DRINK ALL YOU CAN BEER. Though we have wrist bands we did not drink.

Of course, New Year’s eve will not be complete if you will not spend it with your family. So after the concert we went directly home and had karaoke party with my family and friends!

I am hoping that the rest of 2017 will be as amazing as my last day of 2016.





New Year’s Eve with Coldplay!

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