I am Nominated! — Versatile Blogger Award



Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Write a post to show your award.

Share 7 facts about yourself.

Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


Hello hello hello guys!

So a year had passed since I believe I first decided to do blogging and it’s a fun journey up until now. Although I did not gain that much of readers, still I’m happy because there are few people who reads and appreciates my blog posts.

On top of everything else, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to The Blogging Brunette for nominating me for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Go and check her out!! She’s amazing. To be honest, I’m still a novice at this world of blogging so just a simple feedback from my readers and co-bloggers keep the life of my blog alive. I’m also very thankful for that.

So what is this award all about

Versatile Blogger Award — It is an award given by a blogger to another blogger which is new in the world of blogging to help them gain confidence and push them to do a good job on what they’re doing. It is also designed to help other bloggers be discovered.

I highly accept this award, but not without following the rules. So here it goes:


  • Fact #1 I’m 22 years old Filipina currently residing in UAE most specifically in Abu Dhabi. I believe that’s three facts on one bullet haha Just kidding. I wouldn’t be selfish this time. But yeah, I was 21 when I decided to go UAE to be with my mom and work as an OFW. That was a fast ride but believe me I didn’t thought about it for only one night.
  • Fact #2 My first love will always be art, the next one is music. They say, “First love never dies” but so as the saying “First loves doesn’t usually end up being together” haha  But you know what I believe in? Art will always be in my heart and my hands can still do it after some time of not practicing. That’s what love is. Sounds funny but seriously, I’m serious. The next one is music. Actually right now I’m currently with music. Which leads you to…
  • Fact #3  On my weekends I usually lock myself inside my room and make covers of beautiful songs. I have this dream of becoming a famous singer. I have this YouTube channel where I upload covers you can check it out if you want.
  • Fact #4 I HATE ENGLISH SUBJECT. That’s a hundred percent fact. When I was at school, when I said I was at school I meant my entire 16 years at school, I never loved this subject more that I love mathematics. I think it’s true that you can never love both.
  • Fact #5 Don’t invite me to go in an amusement park without being ready to go crazy on riding all extreme rides. I don’t go amusement parks that often so if ever I’m invited to go to one I will be really excited. I always make sure that I can be able to ride at all the extreme rides because I believe that’s what the place are for. I don’t want to regret anything after.
  • Fact #6 I love online games. Whether games at phone or PC. Currently, there are some mobile games that I am addicted to. Mobile Legends, Sims City, and my all time whenever-im-not-doing-anything-and-i-dont-have-internet-game favorite, Diner Dash. haha After once in a while I stop playing one and try to search for a new game after another and after another. I don’t know why. I’m a gamer. And that’s a fact.
  • Fact #7  This comes to all of my readers and co-bloggers. Every morning when I get up I always check my notifs. Every time I got a DING from wordpress I get really excited. I think it tickles me whenever I receive comments and stars on my contents. So don’t ever hesitate to give me a DING.  I will be very happy.

15 Bloggers I will nominate in this award

Make sure to check’em out yow!

Olive & Clo



Chloe Resente




Meg Kem Magic

The Blogging Brunette

High Chic Blog

Pretty Little Buyers

Teti’s Cakes

Wish to Dish

Camille Tries To Blog

Recipes by Chef Kreso

I hope this doesn’t get you bored. haha! I thought it would’t be this challenging though. catch up with you next time!


xxx Shary o~




I am Nominated! — Versatile Blogger Award

One thought on “I am Nominated! — Versatile Blogger Award

  1. The Blogging Brunette says:

    Okay since you are in UAE, you should visit IMG World. I went last to last week and booii its a crazy place like damnnn, there were 2 or 3 rides where i felt death. Yes i felt that this is the moment i am gonna fall and die 😂😂😂 thankfully i came back alive.
    P.s loved the post and keep going girll 💕💕
    Also what is your youtube channel name, i would love to check out your covers. 🙌🙌


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