5 things that made me smile this week #2 && I have a GIG?

Another week had passed by. It was fast right? haha Yes, it is. Especially if you’re enjoying your life to the fullest. So I’m going to share to you some of my Happy pills.

Happy pill #1


I received two pretty bracelets from my colleague Ashkook. It’s a gold plated pair of bracelets. The one does not look complete without the other. Our phlebotomist asking me to give her the other one. But it was also a gift to me. I’m not a fan of giving what was given to me.

Happy pill #2

My mom went back from vacation! She came back from our home country, Philippines. I think everybody knows how it feels when you’re not with your mom. And I also think that everybody knows very well how lazy you can be without her around. So for one whole month, hello messy room! Me and my brother managed it very well, though.

Happy pill #3

Treats from Philippines! For a year and a half of living as an OFW, there is something I’ve noticed very well from among my kabayans. What is it? Receiving something from their families from their home land brings them too much happiness. The feeling of our families back home when they’re receiving Balikbayan Boxes from their families abroad is also the same feeling when OFWs are receiving something from them. But usually that only happens when some colleagues are going home for vacation. Because delivery expenses are usually expensive so we just let them bring the treats from our family in the Philippines as part of their luggage.

But not just that, simple treats that’s made ‘only in the Philippines’ can also bring a huge smile on our faces. Some of my colleagues bring Puto Seko, Yema, Polvoron, Mani, etc. My Mom also bring me Tuyo and Tinapa (both were salted dried fish). Really a Happy pill!

Happy pill#4

3 for 65 sale accessories from Lovisa. So my mom and I went to the mall to search for accessories to be used on my Happy pill #5 (to be stated on the latter part). We entered Lovisa and found this signage of 3 for 65 sale for some selected items. I bought three items, one for me and the other two for my mom and for my friend.

Happy pill #5

I got Hooked! Last Tuesday, I was asked to practice some songs because there will be an audition this Friday (May 5, 2017) in a newly opened restaurant called HOOKED. I was invited for an audition and on the same day I heard that they posted a poster on Facebook which got me really excited at the same time I was shocked because this photo was taken by another organization. Maybe it will cause problems or such but luckily nothing like that happened. So that day went on smoothly. We practiced 16 songs but we performed more than that. Above anything else, I was under pressure the whole time because I am working with professionals. It’s fine with me though, because I know I can learn from them. So yeah, I got Hooked. I will be singing in this restaurant every Friday. If you’re near the location you are always free to come! But of course food must be paid. Music is free though. Will be posting a review on this restaurant soon.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed this segment as much as I did while writing it. love lots

xxx shary~ o

5 things that made me smile this week #2 && I have a GIG?

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