Hello hello hello! How have you been? If you reached this part of my page, probably you’re curious about me *wink* haha or maybe just interested *wink* *wink* kidding aside, maybe you’re just wondering about the crazy writer of the contents of this blog.

Lemme introduce myself. I’m Shary, 22 y/o Filipina currently residing in UAE. I love music but that comes after art. I’m a fashion enthusiast but still in search for my own style. I would love to put on make up but not until I remove my acne. haha! so here’s the thing…

This blog is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle & food blog all in one. Basically everything but not that everything. I will be posting reviews of certain products that I’ve tried or currently trying to remove my faceĀ I mean my acne. I will also be posting some outfits. hahaha Because really I love fashion way more than it loves me. Tell me if the outfit looks good or no, this way I will know if I’ll wear it again next time or not. I will also be posting food and restaurant reviews for you guys.

Im excited!