Food Wed: Rice Overdose Food and Restaurant Review

Honestly speaking, I did not feel the pressure of being an OFW even on my first days here in UAE. Aside from I already have my family here, it is also because there are a lot of Kabayans everywhere. Literally, EVERYWHERE. Every corner of the city you can find them, it’s impossible if not. That means, you can also find a lot of Filipino restaurants here hiding at the corners of Abu dhabi. Luckily, we found a fantastic one!


RICE OVERDOSE — The Higher the Dosage the Better! I’ve always been a fan of unli-rice (Unlimited Rice) restaurants, even since when I was in the Philippines. In a country wherein most of the people will not live without eating rice, restaurants offering this kind of services is on top hit. So hands up to the owner of Rice Overdose for bringing this concept here in UAE!

I’ve been in Rice Overdose for a couple of times already and it’s always jam-packed especially at night. You can barely find a seat for you and your companions. But it’s fine because the staff will accommodate you well.


There is always somebody who will greet you as soon as you enter the restaurant. Even though during the rush hour, somebody will accommodate you properly. What admires me well with the staff is that they barely use pen and paper while taking orders, not even using tablet or anything. They will just ask for your order and then what you need to do next is to wait for your order. But of course they still need to write it down after to give to the kitchen crew.


The menu was arranged nicely with pictures every dish. It’s good for those who are lazy enough to read what’s on the menu. Believe me or not, there are some people who are like that (me). I also think that their menu looks appetizing. It will make you order more just by looking at it. *confetti*


I wasn’t able to take pictures of the whole place because really, it’s too crowded all of the time. I only took these two pictures when I came one morning, but I did not thought about taking a picture of the place as well. Sorry for that. But as you can see, the wall were painted with a nice shade of green. One side of the wall have a very nice design of bricks.


This photo on my IG shows the bricks i was telling you. (photo was taken  Valentines day 2017)

And for the most exciting part of this review, the Food. Unfortunately, some disaster happened to my mobile which causes all of my files including photos and videos deleted. ALL. The only picture I was able to keep was this photo from my instagram again.


As you can notice there were two different colors of the rice. What I like the most about Rice Overdose, aside from the until rice concept, is also the three types of rice that they offer for their kabayan customers. Namely, Adobo Rice, Steak Rice and last but not the least, Bagoong Rice. Just thinking about it makes me drool ** sorry.  As I was saying, they are offering three types of rice. These three names mentioned are names of famous Filipino Viands. But since I am alleric to Bagoong, I’ve only tasted the other two and my favorite one is the Steak Rice. I find the adobo rice a little too oily. Of course, they are also serving plain rice.

Rice overdose have different variety of foods that you can choose from. They offer beef, chicken, fish, seafoods, sushi, pancit, and other snacks that you can only find in the philippines. Namely,  Puto bumbong, Bibingkinitan, Bibinka etc.  Last but not the list, is what I think the OFWs miss the most! ISAW. Maybe not the most… haha but for me, it is. Yes, that’s right! They are offering the famous Filipino Street food, Isaw and also, Chicken feet and Gizzard. I know for some of you it may sound weird, but don’t jude it unless you’ve tasted it already. Believe me or not it tastes super yummy. Just make sure they’re cleaning it well though. Okay enough of that!

All in all, I can say that this restaurant can be rated at a very score of 4.2. Not because I came from the Philippines, but because I really love it’s warm place and very accomodating staff. Food is good too!

Go and Try! I dare you to taste Isaw though. *Wink*

xxx shary o~

Food Wed: Rice Overdose Food and Restaurant Review

Graffiti Burger (Abu Dhabi)

(if you don’t want to read some useless mumbles, skip the first paragraph)

I am always riding the bus going to work if I stayed at the city the night before. With one hour ride and a cold foggy afternoon, sometimes you can’t help but to stare outside the window and start day dreaming. With a WOMAN my age, probably you would be thinking about what on earth are you doing with your life. You might also be thinking on how to make your life a little exciting and colorful. Maybe you are also dreaming about who you want to be after 5 years of working or maybe what you could do to earn extra income. And then maybe (or is it just me) what you will eat for dinner without spending too much.That was when a single ray of light on a certain spot crossed your eyes which caused it to sparkle. I saw Graffiti Burger. I told myself I will eat there whatever the odds may be.

But that’s not what really happened.Daydreaming can also be done at work, sorry.

My friends and I decided to go eat at some burger spot near their home. It’s called PINK BURGER. We were always checking the store because of it’s cute place with lighted tables. Also, the name is a little bit catchy leaving you with a question ‘Are the burgers there colored PINK?’ But the night we came, there were no tables and we were informed that it was borrowed by another branch and will be returned by January 10. So we decided to go somewhere else.

Then Rahp suggested GRAFFITI BURGER.


I noticed that most of the restaurants here in Abu Dhabi have very small space. Just enough for kitchen, serving area, and 2 to 3 tables. I am not referring to the ones located at the malls. I’m referring to those restaurants you can find at the streets of abu dhabi.

Same goes with Graffiti. It has small space. Only two groups can eat inside the restaurant itself. But it’s okay because I’ve noticed that most of their customers are ordering for take away (Take out) which is not bad because their packaging for take away foods are really cool! Like if I would be ordering for take away, I will keep the paper bag.

They have very beautiful graffiti-ed walls creatively painted in neon and is lighted with LED lights which makes the color pop out. Very nice!


They have the typical menu for a burger shop which consists of burger/ sandwich + Fries + drinks. So it’s not that hard to choose what to eat. We’ve tried three burgers from the menu.


1. Graffiti Burger

Of course I tried the burger named after the restaurant but I was a little disappointed because there is nothing special with this burger except to the fact that they are using graffiti sauce which I think consists of mayonnaise and some spices, not sure though. Just the normal burger with tomato and lettuce. The only thing I can say is that the patty is really tasty and meaty.

2. Mushroom Burger

The grilled onion give this burger a little kick of spiciness and sweetness at the same time. The patty is really consistent with it’s meatiness. Aside from the chunks of mushrooms which adds texture to the burger, the mushroom sauce that they put really makes the burger flavorful and tasty. The melted cheese is matching well with the mushroom sauce which leaves a super creamy taste.

3. Smoke burger

This burger is really YUMMY! The smoked bacon matched with that tasty patty and smoke sauce makes this burger leaves you speechless. I would highly recommend you to try this!

All burgers are in small sizes for the price being paid. Though I think they are focusing more on giving the customers delicious patties which makes it a little convincing to pay this amount. If you really want to enjoy the burgers, try ordering the burgers in “Double.” They will give you one burger packed with two super duper yummy patties. **hearts everywhere** I’m in love with their packaging. Definitely grattified with black prints. 

4. Spicy Graffiti Style Fries

The spicy fries that was served to us wasn’t spicy at all. The only thing that makes it spicy is the pickled jalapeno. I loved the jalapeno. It has that slightly sour and spicy taste which I like. They also put a little bit of chili flakes to add more spiciness but still not enough. Maybe it’s just me.


Overall rating will be 4.8/5! Great and clean place but small. Beautiful graffitied walls and paper bags. Nice staff. Food served hot and freshly cooked.  Small sized burger and a little bit pricey but became reasonable because of their presentation and the super delicious patty.

 I will definitely put this on my “I should come back here” list. 


Graffiti Burger (Abu Dhabi)