Pappa Roti

It was a cold afternoon in the middle east and all you’ve wanted for snack was something hot. That was when a friend of my mother let me have the famous hot bun from Pappa Roti. I’m not a bread type of person. I don’t like bread unless if it has something inside or if I have something to pair it with like coffee. PappaRoti buns are hard to resist. It has a certain sweet aroma that makes you want to taste it. Then I did. I did not regret it.

To be honest, I’ve been passing around Pappa Roti a lot and the smell is really inviting which makes me wants to go inside and ask them to give me the thing that produces the nice smell. Maybe they will think I’m crazy.

Buns will be served to you freshly cooked. I ordered the one with cheese and honey on top. It has a nice mix of sweet and salty flavor. While you can choose what you can put on top, the inside will be consistent with it’s softness and buttery taste. No wonder why Pappa Roti was also known as the “Father of all buns”


Aside from the signature buns, they are also serving different variety of dishes. From salad to Pasta and Pizza. From coffee, to chocolate drinks and shakes. From hot tea to cold fresh juices. 15608691_1523485564333696_495602103_o

I’ll make review to the few dishes we’ve ordered the next time we went to Pappa Roti (Masdar City)

1 PASTA WITH WHITE SAUCE (of course, white sauce. You know why if you already read my previous review)

Nothing special with this dish. It’s wasn’t served hot. Also the serving is too small for an amount like 34 AED.


The chicken was cooked nicely. The serving was enough. Also the plating was cool. They used a wooden plate. I can hardly say it’s a plate. At first thought, I think it’s a wooden chopping board. Sorry.. haha


They have really relaxing atmosphere. Same old coffee shop style with dark wood tables and chairs. Nice lighting and beautiful chandeliers.The staff are all friendly which are mostly kabayans! Thumbs up to that.


I will rate it 3.5/5 only because the price is a huge factor. For me it’s a bit pricey for it’s small serving plus that pasta which they served cold. The review for the buns will be segregated. I’ll rate it 5/5 of course. xxx~

Pappa Roti