A Letter of Apology

It has been a month since I have posted something here on my blog and I think I won’t be able to post anything after that for some time. I am not leaving for good but as of now you won’t be seeing me that much. I would like to apologize for letting some of you guys down. I just really need to focus on something as of this moment and if you’ve read my old post regarding “my dreams” then probably you have an idea on what I am talking about. Honestly speaking, I can multi-task. I mean who can’t? But not with my studies I think. So I really really really need to say goodbye for a moment. If you still would like to have some clues on what i am up to with mu life you are free to check my other social media. That way I can stay connected with you guys! 

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Twitter: @shryrsnte


Til we meet again lovies 😘

A Letter of Apology

Why not?

Being a blogger is not supposed to be that complicated. All you need to do is to continue living your life like you usually do with some additional twist of fun activities, beautiful scenery, and of course, a fashionable outfit! Everything will be blog-worthy as long as you think it may benefit your readers as you take their time in reading your post. For sure there will always be someone who will be interested in reading your stories. This may inspire or help somebody without you realizing it. That is the beauty of blogging and maybe that is the reason why I started one.

Almost a year ago, I decided to start my own blog but I wasn’t able to write anything. Four months ago, I wrote my very first food and restaurant review. And now, I decided to upgrade my blog into a Lifestyle blog wherein you can be able to join me in my journey through life and fashion (and food)! Why a sudden change? Well, WHY NOT?

My closet mainly consists of only sweatshirts, long sleeve polo, and jeans. It is very rare for me to wear sleeveless tops or styled blouses which makes this outfit a little out of my league. Not because I’m not wearing one since before but just because I’m in a Muslim country which makes me feel uneasy whenever I’m wearing a little revealing clothes. My colleagues started to ask me why I’m always wearing polo and sweatshirts. They also started to ask me my religion haha!

This is the other reason why I started blogging. To document my way through finding my style. 3a8ea360-1cc0-44fd-8ca6-db60d4b098f6

Stressed Jeans from Forever 21

Top from Sea Star Garments

Why not?

Gazebo – The Royal Indian Journey

I’ve been interested to try different variety of food as soon as I stepped on the middle east desert. My mom then let my try Biryanikrish_022-chicken-biryani-web and to be honest I really liked it. That’s why when my colleague invited us to eat in an Indian Restaurant I immediately said YES! But before talking about the food let me tell you about the place first.


GAZEBO – THE ROYAL INDIAN JOURNEY Just by the name of the restaurant, the ambiance of the place makes you feel like a royalty! There are super cozy booths for those who wants privacy. You can put the curtains down and enjoy the company of your friends without thinking that somebody might look at you while your gums are coming off because of too much laughing (If you laugh like me hahaha :D)

Plus, the staff are super duper uber friendly. They also check you if you need anything else at the middle of your feeling-as-a-royalty stay at their restaurant.



We only tried four items from the menu. Well, Biryani will never be gone from the list.


15398960_1505761959439390_479549665_oIt’s a Biryani in a pot! I really love how they presented the food in a different way. They used aromatic basmati rice which is what they normally use in biryani. It has flavoured grilled chicken cooked with spicy sauce. If you love to eat biryani, you will definitely LOVE IT EVEN MORE!



At first sight, it’s not really appetizing. It’s a green chicken! I’m not a fan of greens. But still I tried it. It tastes really different from what I thought it would taste. This amazing green chicken is a boneless chicken marinated with yogurt and flavored with fenugreek (as was written in the menu) one of the reasons why I was scared to try it, is because I don’t know what is fenugreek. Just a minute ago, I asked my dearest friend google what is it and I found some amazing facts!!!

What is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek is an annual herb with light green leaves and small white flowers. If you want to know more regarding this amazing plant, read this article from draxe.com. You can also see in this article about its benefits.

In short, MURGH KASTOORI KABAB is a MUST HAVE when you eat in Gazebo.



Again I asked my friend… WHAT IS MURGH SEEKH?? In indian cuisine, Murgh means Chicken and Seekh means a mixture of minced meat (which in this case is chicken) with herbs and spices. This made me say “AAHHHHHHH That’s why.” With the additional creamy filling of mint and coriander, who wouldn’t say no to these fresh dish?

and last but not the least…


15354188_1505761986106054_1799240692_oIt is a Chicken marinated with Tandoori Masala flavored yogurt. Just amazing little pieces of chicken of spicy flavored tandoori fresh from the oven. I’m a spicy food lover so this one is not an exception in my list.

From the perfect ambiance, the wonderful staff, amazing cooking skills of the kitchen crew, and lastly the mouth-watering food; a big two thumbs up and rating of 5 stars!

Gazebo – The Royal Indian Journey

Why I decided to do blogging?

So it was 8 months ago since I created this BLOG (and yes as it was written that I started  april 6.. and also yes I just edited this post) with the thought that maybe I will be able to do something interesting in a new country which will be my temporary home for a couple of years or so. But as expected to a 21 years old who wants-to-do-everything-all-at-once girl I never started anything.

Then here I am sitting at my work trying to internalize everything that happened during these past months and all I can say is that “WHY I DID NOT DOCUMENTED EVERYTHING?”

Past is past though. The most important thing is what I will be doing for the next days of my life! *insert crying face here* I PROMISE that I will be diligent enough to make this blog a nice way to bring adventures, and also food, to you while just sitting down and scrolling your phone or sitting down in front of your monitor. JOIN ME!

Why I decided to do blogging?