Tony Roma’s


It has been a while since I went out with my two food buddies namely, Ashkoook and Cheika, so we decided to go somewhere nice. We chose Tony Roma’s since,  again, we have vouchers. haha!

Tony Roma’s has been known for serving mouth watering ribs, steaks and sea foods. But it will not end with just that. They are also serving pasta and chicken. I think you must order Ribs at your first visit at Tony Roma’s but WE DID NOT!


PLACE 16409025_1572235092792076_566165481_o

A huge smile and a pleasant greeting will welcome you as soon as you enter the place. It has that normal hard wood furniture + dirty white walls + picture frames hanging on the wall combo. But I really like the big clock on one side of the wall and the black ceiling. It’s a very good place for a meeting while dining.

As soon as we took our seat, somebody came near us immediately to give the menu and take our orders. The staff also answer our questions politely and in a very good manner.

We only had some couple of technical malfunctions (haha). I’ll tell you later what.



 The Menu is really pretty. I like the gray color effect of what I believe is a wooden table at the front cover of the menu.

There are so many choices to choose from.Ribs, Beef, Chicken, Pasta and sea foods. All in one! We were really excited to take our orders.


  1. Le Complementary dish

While waiting for our orders, they gave us chips and tomato dip (I don’t know what it is called). Since we were hungry, we finished it immediately and actually wants to ask for some more but it’s shameful so we just behaved. haha 

I like the dip because it’s spicy and it has fresh tomatoes. It was served to us cold fresh from the chiller. I prefer a dip like this than hot.

 16444087_1572139332801652_208806287_o2. Vanilla and Strawberry Shake

I don’t know why they serve the shake first before the food. I think it’s much better if they will serve it while the food is there. Because you don’t know what a nice conversation can do to your nice drink.

It took about 20 minutes before our food was served. Just enough time to have a heartily talk with your friends and take instagramable shot of the place.

3. Mojo Chicken16444145_1572139249468327_639299982_o

The grilled chicken was tender and juicy as it was basted nicely with citrus and brown mustard mojo sauce. It’s also topped with pineapple salsa which complements nicely with the citrus feeling of the chicken.

It’s supposed to be served with broccoli  and rice but in Tony Roma’s you can choose what side dish you want. We chose Corn on the cob and the Loaded Baked Potato. It is a baked potato stuffed with beef and cheese.

16409152_1572139266134992_2071340543_o4. Chicken Alfredo

A food trip wouldn’t be complete without ordering a classic Chicken Alfredo. I’m probably making a review of Chicken Alfredo on every restaurants I’ve been.

It was creamy and tasty though I can still rate the Chicken Alfredo of Applebee’s higher than this one. Nothing special. Just Okay.


5. Shrimp and Salmon Piccata

This was the first time we ordered sea food dish from the menu because I am allergic to sea foods. But not with salmon so I think might as well try.

The salmon was grilled nicely just until it reached the brown color from the outside. It’s topped with shrimp with lemon sauce. I did not try the shrimp though.

16389024_1572139246134994_991764653_o 6. Premium Burger

We ordered chicken burger and not the one with beef patty. Because this dish was ordered specifically by Ashkook who is Muslim and is not eating beef. They told us if we want to change it the salary of the one who took our order will be cut. I feel bad about him but Ashkook point was that we are paying and it’s not our mistake because we already told them. Anyway, they changed the burger.

I did not try the burger so I wouldn’t make any reviews regarding it. I just noticed her taking off the top of the burger. I asked her why then she told me because it tastes like fish. I tried to taste the top part. I don’t know what she’s talking about. But I think it’s not fish oil but just mere butter.


Staff – 4/5 (Just had a little problems with the orders but they are nice)

Food – 3.5/5 (I like most the Mojo Chicken and the salmon but nothing special with the other dishes)

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Probably will come back next time for their ribs!


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Tony Roma’s


So there is this one mobile application wherein you can buy vouchers using your load for 2 to 5 AED and then use these vouchers to buy meals at some restaurants for buy 1 take 1 free. Ever since we’ve discovered this application, we always buy vouchers mostly for Applebee’s because to tell you the truth, Applebee’s is simply amazing!


PLACE (Applebee’s Dalma mall, UAE)

The restaurant has it’s modern bright vibes. Green painted walls and colorful backgrounds. Hardwood tables and chairs. With frames of different countries and famous landmarks across the wall, who would say no for a selfie?


The staff were surprisingly nice. They always make you feel welcomed and important as they wear their pleasant smile as soon as you  enter the restaurant and throughout their service for you.

What we ordered?

The food was served hot and freshly cooked. Most of the time we’re just waiting for maximum of 20 minutes before we can eat. We ordered 4 dishes for the price of 2.

1. Cowboy Burger (Chicken)

Hey hey hey!! A visit to applebee’s wouldn’t be complete without even trying one of their burgers. As a starter we tried Cowboy Burger. I think nobody would ask why it’s called Cowboy burger. It has big bun and it is normally packed with beef bacon and bbq sauce. But since we went to the restaurant with someone who is not eating beef, we switched it to chicken. Together with fries any cowboy will not think twice to order it again next time!


2.Country fried chicken

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! I think we visited at Applebee’s for a couple of times already and this dish will never removed from my list of ‘MUST ORDER’ from their menu. I like the mix of their gravy and garlic mashed potatoes. That one, together with nicely breaded boneless fried chicken and mixed vegetables is a complete package! Will definitely order it again next time.


4. Sizzling Chicken Fundido

With all the chickens that we’ve ordered I think this one is a little bit normal for my taste buds. The chicken breast was cut nicely. It is served with crispy square-cut potatoes which i think wasn’t crispy at all. Sizzling plate wasn’t sizzling also as it was served in our table. But overall the taste was good.


Staff: 5/5 (mostly kabayans haha)

Place: 5/5 (Nice and Clean!)

Food: 4/5

Will definately try their beef next time…

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